We also offer the possibility to make exclusive custom pieces.

We have a lot of experience with making custom pieces, as we did this before for big
artists, for special occasions and for big events like custom outfits for world
tours. We also have experience with working with personal requests by

When you place your request by email, we will personally contact you to dispatch all
relevant information.

We go ahead working with all the criteria received for the outfit and go to start the
process. We will keep you posted along the whole path of construction.

The delivery time will depends on the request, budget and the deadline to finish
the pieces.

If you are a customer who wants to have a unique custom piece, or you are a stylist
working on a project which will need custom looks, contact us.

You can contact us at:

This is a example of a custom piece we did for superstar SIA and her music group LSD. This group is a collaboration between Labrinth, SIA and Diplo.

This image is of a special performance during THE ELLEN SHOW by Ellen Degeneres.